R - Reload Level. When you click, the ball will jump away from the mouse cursor. Overcome all the barriers, jump throught the level and rescue Clicky. This game was made in 48 hours with music by Eric Matyas from soundimage.org

Windows version RECOMMENDED!


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This is actually very cool!

But, have you managed to complete the game?

That level with 4 clicks seems almost impossible. I was able to horizontally launch the ball into the final top-right platform several times, but it always was too far so ball only bumped into the wall of the last platform. One time, with extra pricise movement and some luck, I managed to hit top-left corner of the last platform and at that point I gave up, as the clicks were really precise this time and the ball still didn't make it.

Check out my game as well:)

Thank you for the feedback. The game has 15 levels in total and I've completed the whole game many times during testing :)